Activities of the group

What's the FERSG doing for Further Education?

The FERSG is involved in a number of activities to raise the national profile of the FE sector:

Developing a national voice for the sector

One of the group’s key strengths is its ability to develop cross-sector agreement and facilitate networking amongst key players from the sector. Membership includes representatives from 17 organisations ensuring that the group is at the forefront of sector activity and providing a platform for open and frank discussions on all issues and activities affecting the sector. It is this sharing of information behind the scenes - and the resulting discussions amongst members - that plays a significant role in reducing public disagreements.  It also helps to ensure a strong, single message is maintained.

Identifying and managing reputation ‘hotspots’

The FERSG provides a vehicle for flagging sector hotspots and devising appropriate actions to mitigate these.  Members play an active role in early identification of issues and managing any potential risk.  Key messages are developed for each target group in the event that the hotspot occurs meaning the group is in a strong position to limit damage to the sector’s reputation.

Disseminating and acting on the latest sector research

The FERSG is instrumental in contributing to and disseminating a number of research projects. There are a number of benefits and activities that are derived from the group’s involvement in FE sector research.

  • Disseminating research at conferences or online ensures that those within the sector are kept informed and up to date about the latest figures and trends in further education. 
  • Communicating research to the wider sector allows individual organisations to use results for their own reputation building at a regional level.
  • The FERSG is in a position to hear about and use research from member organisations to gain national recognition on behalf of the sector as a whole.


In addition, the group commissions its own research into the reputation of the sector.

Maximising opportunities to celebrate successes in FE

Representatives participate in many sector conferences and events to:

  • Raise the profile of FERSG
  • Demonstrate the importance of FE reputation and necessary actions.
  • Engage with delegates on the work of FERSG


Supporting national events

The group takes an active role in supporting national events via planning advice, promotional support and the offer of key note speakers.  These include VQ Day, the AoC Conference, Colleges Week, Adult Learners Week, Apprenticeships Week and the FE Reputation and Excellence Conference.